Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn Wishlist

I'm probably the worst blogger in the world about updating but I'm trying to find time!
My list of things to get this Autumn is literally endless.. with parties and 18ths to go to I need to find the money to buy it all! but it doesn't mean I can't keep wishing for it. I've basically found everything I want but am waiting to get it when I've raised the money!
 Here we go; 
Black Block Heels 

Black Slipper Shoes
Chiffon Skirt 
Elasticateded Waistband Pleated Red Skirt
Midi Skirt
Grace Kelly Bag 

60's Swing Coat
Polka Dot Silk Blouse
and...a 60's Shift Dress
Tell me what's on your wishlist :) 
(I may sound like Santa, but I'm interested!)
Jessica, xx

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