Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DIY: Glue Gun and a Couple of Flowers

First DIY Post! 

You will need:
- a glue gun (I purchased mine from eBay for £5.99 .. free delivery!)
- pretty decorative scrap items in your room (e.g. an old piece of material, sequins, beads, flowers)
- an object to stick them to (e.g. frame, mirror)
(P.S. make sure you use something to put the glue gun on while it rests, a piece of cardboard otherwise you don't want it stick to any other materials in your room)

Okay, So I ordered this glue gun a couple of weeks ago and went absolutely crazy glueing everything in sight in my room..good idea and a bad idea (It gets all stringy and goes everywhere!)

Anyway, I had this beautiful gold frame which I bought from a carboot sale and I had always wanted to do something with it. I cut flowers off a headband that I purchased in a boutique in London and basically started glueing! adding artificial leaves aswell.

This is such a good idea for random pretty things you can find in your room and just stick them together to create lovely wall hangings and objects in your room.

Right.. the record (I picked this up in a nightclub called Cavern in Exeter on a night out.. I promise it was on the floor!)
Things I've added to it :
       - Broken old watch (Alice in Wonderlandesque)
       - Lace taken off an old dress I cut up
       - Flowers taken off another headband
       - A broken gold bracelet which I've put round the blue song label
And then finally, I created the musical note shape with the glue gun..waited for it to dry and then painted it over with Barry M Lilac Metallic Nail Polish.

TIP; keep a window don't want to be getting high on glue fumes haha.

If you want an official tutorial on this or something similar..write a comment below!

Hope you like it xxx
 (Nail polish I'm wearing; Barry M, Peach)

Coming Back


I haven't been back in a LONG time, hard to believe that it's been over a year.
But I'm back wanting to blog a lot more about my life which has changed SO much! Fashion's changed, career is still building. I'm taking a gap year and although I'm working almost 7 days a week, I want to be blogging again.

A little older now, so my style has changed but I'm still loving the classical vintage looks I have in my wardrobe. Got a couple of tutorials I want to stick on here, a couple of songs I want to post and lots of looks to show you! I'm also travelling in February to South East Asia so it's a big chance for me to show you fashion and food from a different culture.

My new job unfortunately has a uniform so what better way to express my fashion LOVES on here!

Anyway, I'll be posting in the next couple of days so have a look :)


Few things about me..

Jessica Ellen Murray 

Well hey there! 
Just a small section of questions about me in case you were interested! 




Watford, Hertforshire


Mum, Dad, Twin Brother, Older Brother.. dog. 


Host at Warner Bros Studios 

Life Goal 

Working in Musical Theatre

Current Situation 

Gap year - working, travelling, blogging, singing. 

Skin, Eyes and Hair?

VERY pale skin, green eyes, dark brown hair with a random ginger streak?