Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coming Back


I haven't been back in a LONG time, hard to believe that it's been over a year.
But I'm back wanting to blog a lot more about my life which has changed SO much! Fashion's changed, career is still building. I'm taking a gap year and although I'm working almost 7 days a week, I want to be blogging again.

A little older now, so my style has changed but I'm still loving the classical vintage looks I have in my wardrobe. Got a couple of tutorials I want to stick on here, a couple of songs I want to post and lots of looks to show you! I'm also travelling in February to South East Asia so it's a big chance for me to show you fashion and food from a different culture.

My new job unfortunately has a uniform so what better way to express my fashion LOVES on here!

Anyway, I'll be posting in the next couple of days so have a look :)


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