Sunday, 21 August 2011

50's Pinup!

Finally! I've found the perfect outfit to do for a 50's pinup inspired look. 
Due to a bad hair day, I added the hat haha, hopefully I've still managed to achieve the look!
I've always thought that the 50's was such a glamorous and beautiful era, and even though I've added some short shorts (which I bought today at a car boot sale) I still think it can look classic and vintage. I also added some red lipstick which is very 50's!
I hope you like it! 
50's Halter Neck Rockabilly Top; eBay
Black Suede Block Heels; ASOS
Shorts; Carboot sale
Straw Floppy Hat; Tescos's F&F

Tell me what you think :) 
Jessica, xx


  1. i love the 50's, this look lovely!

    p.s- I now want your shoes :)


  2. Well I think that it's absolutely perfect! Those shoes just take it to a whole new level and everything fits you so perfectly. The hat is a lovely touch :D

    xxx irinja (