Friday, 5 August 2011


I haven't gone to Spain or anything, I just thought this look had a kind of Spanish feel to it, but you can decide that for yourself :) 
Having a good summer?
Alrighty then, well I haven't posted a look for a couple of days so I really need to put some more up!
This is one of my favorite tops which I bought from a charity shop, as you can see it's sort of a dark orangey color with large open sleeves and a flowery pattern through the middle. 
I'm wearing it with another pair of high-waisted light denim shorts which I bought from a car boot sale, however they were not frayed in the first place; I cut them and then pulled at the ends. 

Glasses from Camden and the shoes are from ASOS!
P.S. I'm selling some more things on eBay so if you go down the page there's a link to the site!
As always, thankyou for following :)

Jessica, xx


  1. You look really good :) I love everything about this look! I'm gonna check out your eBay!

  2. love this outfit your red blouse is amazing looks perfect on you.