Saturday, 13 August 2011


It's been a while since I last went shopping, this may be a good thing for my bank account but not for my fashion needs! 
In Watford town, you can always depend on charity shops to give what you want and with my findings definitely proved this..
In Oxfam I managed to get a leopard print  shift dress/shirt for 2.99! 

Also, well you probably don't know that I'm a sucker for christmas/cheesy jumpers.. so I also found a black and white damask jumper with red and green roses at the bottom for only £2

Okay, so even though summer is nearly ending, I've been trying to find  dream catcher to put in my room at night and wear in the day and today is that day! Have a look Dorothy Perkins and they should have them there.

Right, my next find was not in a charity shop but in Primark..and they've definitely got a lot better since I last went in there, they have the most amazing festival clothes and chiffon dresses! 

I found this gorgeous poncho/jumper in there for £12 which I will be wearing tomorrow for my new look on lookbook! 

If any of you have looked on my eBay lately, you might be interested to know that I'm selling a pair of Topshop inspired heels which were used in my 60's Monochrome post! so have a watch if your interested.
Hope your having a good summer my lovely's xx
If your wanting to know how to find some good vintage clothes in thrift shops then have a look at this post..


  1. great finds! The leopard top is going to serve you very well with your jeans and shorts!

    Come follow my blog gorgeousness!

  2. What some fabulous finds! Especially like the jumper! Why do the charity shops in my area never have anything like this!? :( xx