Sunday, 5 June 2011

Into the wardrobe...Well half of it.

It may be half my wardrobe, but it's some of my favorite pieces which you will see throughout the next couple of months!
Now, key things that I have in my wardrobe and I'm hoping that you fashionista's should too;
1. Of course, a mirror; mine was from Oxfam (4.99) and is surrounded by floral patterns.
2. A 70's Jumpsuit; mine was from Zara (19.99)
3. A crazy woolly vintage jumper which I will happily show you in my next blog!
4. The little purple hippie dress; mine was from eBay (2.99) but previously from Primark and is one of my favorite dresses..PREVIEW:
5. Now everybody needs some sort of undergarment in there wardrobe whether it's a flimsy top or a huge petticoat, mine is a white lace vintage slip, I bought this from a charity shop (£1) but can be bought in vintage shops or of course on eBay (price varies)
'Oh, and I invite you to count the colours in your bedroom'

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