Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Movie Time

Not feeling too good today, SO I'm off school with antibiotics but that's not stopping me from giving you a post!
I was watching 'An Education' today with Carey Mulligan, and as she grows older her clothes become more sophisticated and glamorous; so if you share the same 60's obsession as me you might want to look at some of the dresses I've found that are similar to Miss Mulligan's!
The picture I've chosen is her in Paris wearing a shift/strap lilac knee length dress, so I went browsing through 'Rokit' and found some dresses you might like..
BUT, 'An Education' didn't stop me there.
Next stop, the 70's inspired film 'Almost Famous' and Kate Hudson's role as 'Penny Lane' who creates an iconic look for 70's fashion.
I've found some affordable garments which are similar to Hudson's outfit..
(only one left so get your hands on it!)
With a choice of blue or maroon!
Although, I think the gypsy top could also look pretty with cut off denim shorts.
Now going back from the 60's and 70's is another iconic fashion film, 'The Great Gatsby' which is set in the 1920's. I've chosen Daisy's outfits to give you some inspiration!
Daisy is all about wearing 'white' and being delicate and beautiful SO I've picked out a beautiful white flapper dress and white hat which can be worn together or separately whether it's a party of garden gathering..
More Film Inspired Fashion Coming Soon xx

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