Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh My Feeling Festive

I'm sorrry! (hence the hearts)
I haven't been on here in over two weeks, I've finally got a job with a theatre in Watford so I've been very busy
BUT I was inspired by Glasto Festival this week to share some festive items of mine!
I had brought some black gloss wellies off eBay the other week, but felt that brown military boots would look better.

The brown poncho is from H&M which is currently on sale
The boots are from eBay at only £19.99 and the shorts (50p!) and vintage brown backpack which in the picture looks battered :| (£1.00) are from a carboot sale!
I found the sunglasses randomly in my house so there's no hope to tell you where they're actually from, sorry, but have a rummage through any thrift store and I'm sure you'll find something similar!

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