Wednesday, 6 July 2011

'Shoes, let's get some shoes'

'Everytime I wear heels I always feel happy.. they sound nice' - Carrie Bradshaw
And I agree. Unless there ridiculously high and I'm conscious of whether I'm going to embarrass myself, I normally feel more confident.
Wedges, platforms, block heels and kitten heels (which I'm not really fond of) are all popular this summer and apparently this autumn according to Topshop and ASOS.
Now before I ramble on suggesting shoes to get, another one of my tips is to use Gel Cushions
They have saved my feet many times and if a good amount of alcohol won't cover up the pain of heels; these certainly will! They can be bought from Superdrug and Boots from 3.99-4.99 and are reusable!
Now, shoe gazing..

Gorgeous aren't they? These are from Romwe at only £28.87 and they ship worldwide! Similar to Jessica Simpson's Dany collection too. However, you won't see me wearing these from Romwe because they unfortunately only go up to a size 6.5 whereas I am a 7 :(

Another one of Romwe's finest are these 70's orange chunky block heels which are £36.57.. hurry there selling out!
ASOS lovers need to look at there new shoes! These gorgeous blue heeled sandals are lovely however there £65 but the color can go with almost anything.. practically saving you money, eh?
Wanting them in a bright color? They have them in an a clashing vibrant pink and red..
Now, you need to start buying from H&M online! The sales are better and they have new arrivals which aren't in the stores yet!
These 1950's inspired wedges would be great if your trying to be casual and summery..
Right, I really wanted to get a post up today just to even give you a bit of inspiration on shoes or something..I'll try and update some more tomorrow. xxx

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