Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sleeping Beauty; Katy Perry

I love this woman for her style, music and just about everything else she does BUT now she's the new face for GHD hair products!
The shoot was done a while ago but I still wanted to do a post about it.. it basically consists of hairstyles and clothing through the eras of the 50's, 70's and 80's. 
I've found some similar items so you can try and recreate the look yourself!

'Sleeping Beauty woke up in the fifties, when locks were as glamorous as the frocks'

She looks fabulous here with short 50s curled hair and pink chiffon prom dress, I've found 3 similar dress which can be brought from Miss Selfridge and Rokit for affordable prices (click on the caption to take you to the website for purchasing)


Coral Pleated Dress                        1950's Pale Pink Prom Dress                      Pink Ballet Dress

'Sleeping Beauty woke up in the boho seventies, when parties were wild but hair was relaxed'

I might do another hair tutorial for this look! But going back to the style, high knee boots are in the autumn so have a look! 
                    Suede Knee High Wedge Boots                                               

 'Sleeping Beauty woke up in the eighties, when New Wave was big but the hair was bigger'

And the last look! It's quite striking and over the top but bright colours are popular this summer so there's no harm trying?

Tell me what you think, drop in a message! Lovexxx

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