Monday, 11 July 2011

Sweet Seventeen

G'day vintage lovers!
Today I was getting one of those fish spa pedicures (strangest experience I've ever had on my feet :| but worth it! ), so while I was waiting for the pedicure I was reading the magazines they have on display and one of them featured a small print of seventeen magazine in the 60's so when I got home I did a little research on some of the beautiful covers with the women and models of the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Don't worry, I'm not going to just post the pictures and say 'aren't they nice?' I've found some similar items so you can get the look yourself :)
P.S. just hover the mouse over the words in red and it's a link which takes you straight to where you can purchase the item..
The Green Skirt; 1965
Buy this green skirt from Romwe for £14.75 and just pair it with a black belt!
Bangs and Sequin Dress; 1966
If you need something classy and glamorous and are willing to splash out?
Then this Red Valentino dress (£257.50) should be worth it..
Poncho time; 1970
This poncho from H&M is extremely similar and has an aztec effect too..
Red Polka Dot; 1964
I absolutely love this Audrey inspired look, this shift red polka top is similar to the same styled dress which I picked out from the ASOS marketplace which allows vintage lovers to sell there items for good prices! Have a look around..

Lala, hope you liked some of the items I picked out, leave a comment and tell me what you think guys! I'd like to have some feedback and any requests on inspired looks xxxx


  1. Love this post! I remember when seventeen mag used to be big & glossy. Take a closer look at the model in "Poncho Time". It's Susan Dey from the Partridge Family. It's funny how these styles look strangely current, don't they?!

  2. Thankyou :) 70's is definitely in this summer!xx