Friday, 15 July 2011

Camden Town

Happy Friday everyone!
So, yesterday I took a trip to London with my brother, Daniel.
We were meant to just go and see a show (The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged) and I don't think I've ever laughed so much.. you can see it at the New Red Lion Theatre for £10! 
But we took a detour to Camden, one my favourite places in London and I helped my brother shop for his girlfriend whilst I did a little shopping for myself :) 
I thought that this would be a good opportunity to show a green and maroon floral  vintage dress which was brought from a charity shop for only £2!  ....
A Silly Face and Camden Lock

Cream and Black Bag (Next 29.99)

Shoes; ASOS (£29.99)
 Rings! If you haven't been to Camden market, they have lots of tribal shops and this one had really nice gold rings..I brought one too but it's already left my finger green! Nail polish is needed!

This was the pattern of the dress, pretty right? and then I wore a black and gold belt (H&M 5.99)

This was a random post, but I thought I'll let you know what's going on atm! 
Tell me what you think and follow :) 
Jessica, xx


  1. I love the dress and shoes - really suits you! I love a bit of Shakespeare as well - it's much better abridged!